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Equalities Annual Report - 2021

Meeting: 15/07/2021 - Executive (Item 11)

11 Equalities Annual Report - 2021 EXE21-027 pdf icon PDF 129 KB

Reporting Person – Julie Fisher

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The Executive received the Equalities Annual Report – 2021 which set out the progress on the equalities agenda.  The Council’s support to employees during the Covid pandemic was highlighted, as well as the Council’s wider role as service provider and community leader in supporting the most vulnerable in the community.  Attention was drawn to the comprehensive programme of equality and wellbeing awareness which had taken place during the year with a focus on the impact of the pandemic and lockdown.  Following a request regarding the Council employee figures, Officers agreed to ensure that future annual reports included a percentage breakdown against the employee figures in order for comparisons to be made with the percentage figures for the local population so that any areas of underrepresentation could be identified.


That the report be received.

Reason:   To meet the requirement to report on annual progress on the equality agenda.