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Recommendation from Climate Change Working Group - Future of Planet Woking

Meeting: 17/06/2021 - Executive (Item 16)

16 Recommendation from Climate Change Working Group - Future of Planet Woking EXE21-039 pdf icon PDF 116 KB

Reporting Person – Geoff McManus

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Councillor Davis, Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, introduced a report which set out recommendations from the Climate Change Working Group in respect of funding for Planet Woking.  The Executive heard that Planet Woking, which had launched in September 2020, had been well received and was an important awareness raising programme of the Council’s work to date and future priorities for local climate and ecological action.  It was highlighted that the South East Climate Alliance (SECA) had praised the programme.  Councillor Howard, Chairman of the Climate Change Working Group, spoke in support of the recommendations and the importance of Planet Woking in continuing to engage with and encourage the public to make sustainable choices.

The Executive welcomed the report, and the Leader thanked both Councillor Davis and Councillor Howard for their leadership on local climate and ecological matters.


That funding be identified, in this financial year and then through the next available Investment Programme to deliver Option 1 over the two year period July 2021-July 2023 at a total cost of £66,000 excl. VAT.  In contractual terms, it is proposed that Air Social would be employed for one year, with an option to renew for a further year July 2022 to 2023.

Reason:   To build on the success of the initial funded phase of Planet Woking, maintaining its profile and growth for a two further years, to continue public awareness of and engagement in local climate and ecological matters.