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Risk Management Policy

Meeting: 09/09/2021 - Executive (Item 16)

16 Risk Management Policy EXE21-073 pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Reporting Person – Julie Fisher

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The Executive received a report which sought approval to the adoption of the updated Risk Management Policy.  Following a question regarding risk management training, the Executive was advised that Corporate Leadership Team (CLT), Senior Managers and operational managers, where risk management was part of their appraisals and supervision, would be expected to receive training.  It was noted that financial risk training would be a component part of the overall risk training for Members.

Following a question regarding how Woking Borough Council’s risk tolerance level on page 10 of Appendix 1 (page 418 of the Agenda Pack) compared to other local authorities, it was agreed that the Leader would provide Councillor Barker with a response outside of the meeting.


That the updated Risk Management Policy be adopted.

Reason:   To ensure that the Council’s approach to risk management reflects best practice, and remains an essential component of strong governance and robust business management.