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The Lighthouse - Application for Financial Assistance

Meeting: 08/12/2021 - Executive (Item 34)

34 The Lighthouse - Application for Financial Assistance EXE21-118 pdf icon PDF 126 KB


The Executive received an application from The Lighthouse to continue its existing work to support the needs of those in the Borough who make use of its services, as well as to develop new programmes including the new Family Network Hub and the new Lighthouse located on the Barnsbury Estate.

Councillor Forster asked regarding the assessment which the Council had made regarding its increased usage in the Borough.  The Executive was advised that that in 2019 the Group had assisted over 400 children in comparison with 1,000 this year.  There had been a spike in demand for both the Foodbank and advice around debt, which had led to the launch of the Community Money Advice service in November 2020.  It was noted that The Lighthouse continued to provide a borough-wide and holistic service which assisted some of Woking’s most vulnerable residents.

Councillor Davis stated that he had visited The Lighthouse and had been advised of the excellent work which had taken place.  The Organisation would have the option of seeking funding through the Surrey County Council Members’ Allocations Scheme.


That, subject to the outcome of the Council’s budgetary process, a grant of £16,400 be awarded from the Community Grants Budget towards operational costs.

Reason:   To enable the Charity to continue to engage with a high number of users from Woking including those from different cultural backgrounds and ages, with its broad and diverse offer of support for the community and for people in Woking who need help.