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Catalyst - Application for Financial Assistance

Meeting: 08/12/2021 - Executive (Item 9)

9 Catalyst - Application for Financial Assistance EXE21-144 pdf icon PDF 97 KB


The Executive received an application from Catalyst towards the cost of a programme which would provide training and mental health and wellbeing support to a group of young people and help them to discover their strengths and redesign their futures.


Councillor Forster asked as to the assessment which had been made by the Council regarding the increased demand for its services.  The Executive was advised that there had been a recognised increase in demand for these services at a national and local level.  Having discussed the application with Catalyst, it had been agreed the way forward would be to support their application for funding through the Alliance and Health routes where additional funding for new initiatives and mental health services may be available.



That no grant be awarded.

Reason:   The Council is not able to award the level of funds applied for towards the cost of the programmes set out in the application.