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2020/0510 86 Walton Road

Meeting: 28/09/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 6)

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The Committee considered an application for a proposed front canopy with roller shutters for a temporary period of 3 years.


It was noted that this application was deferred by the Committee when it was last considered as it was decided at the time that clarification was needed on the boundary, which had now been provided.


Councillor T Aziz, Ward Councillor, commented that he felt the current situation was more out of keeping with the area than the proposed application. Multiple structures similar to this had been approved on this road and he thought that this was in keeping with those. Councillor T Aziz also commented that if approved he thought this should be permanent, not temporary.


Other Members commented that the applicant wanted to protect their produce from damage and wanted a shelter at the front that was fit for purpose. This was a well-used shop and Members thought the proposal before them would result in a better appearance than what was currently in place which they considered to be quite messy.


Members thought the application would contribute to the street scene, not harm it and was in keeping.


The Chairman queried whether the word ‘temporary’ could be removed from the application if the Committee were minded to approve it. Thomas James advised that if the Committee concluded that the application was no harm to the character of the area then permanent planning permission could be granted.


Councillor C Rana proposed, and it was duly seconded by Councillor T Aziz, to approve the planning application.


In accordance with Standing Order 22.2, the Chairman deemed that a division should be taken on the motion above.  The votes for and against approval of the application were recorded as follows.

In favour:                           Cllrs T Aziz, J Brown, S Dorsett, D Hughes, N Martin, C Rana and D Roberts.

                                 TOTAL:  7

Against:                              None

                                 TOTAL:  0

Present but not voting:      Cllr L Morales (Chairman).

                                 TOTAL:  1

The application was therefore approved.




That Planning Permission be GRANTED subject to the appropriate conditions, with  authority delegated to the Development Manager.