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Surrey 2050 Place Ambition

Meeting: 03/02/2022 - Executive (Item 10)

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Reporting Person – Giorgio Framalicco

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The Executive received a report which sought approval to the Council’s response to Surrey County Council’s public consultation on the contents of the Surrey 2050 Place Ambition.  Councillor Elson, Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy, introduced the report and explained that the Surrey 2050 Place Ambition set out what Surrey’s strategic partners wanted to collectively achieve over the next 30 years in terms of good growth.  The Executive welcomed the report and the opportunity to work with the County Council and other Boroughs and Districts.  The positive news that Woking had been identified as one of eight Strategic Opportunity Areas was also welcomed.

Discussion ensued on specific actions identified in the report which could be bolder in the Surrey 2050 Place Ambition.  The Portfolio Holder advised that the Council would be willing to work with stakeholders to deliver a more ambitious programme, noting the need for balance to ensure actions were realistic and deliverable within the timeframe.

Following a question regarding the definition of the Woking Hub, it was explained that the Hubs had been defined for the purposes of consultation.  It was noted that the rationale behind the definition of the Woking Hub and the governance arrangements that would be needed to facilitate its delivery required further exploration by Officers.  Delegated authority was therefore sought for the Director of Planning to lead on the discussion with the Surrey Future Steering Board.

Following a query on paragraph 4.4 in the report regarding flood alleviation to potentially unlock land for future development, it was confirmed that there was no need for additional land during the plan period of the recently adopted Site Allocations DPD.  The Portfolio Holder added that the flood alleviation scheme was primarily to defend existing properties, and also enable the development of some of the Council’s proposed SANGs.  It was acknowledged that this could be made clearer in the Council’s response.


That  (i)    the contents of the Surrey Place Ambition together with Officers’ response be noted;

          (ii)   delegated authority be given to the Director of Planning to send the Council’s response as set out in Section 4 of the report to Surrey County Council; and

          (iii)  delegated authority be given to the Director of Planning, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Planning, to continually engage with Surrey County Council and the other stakeholders in the preparation and implementation of the Surrey 2050 Place Ambition.

Reason:   To ensure that Members of the Executive are informed about contents of the Surrey 2050 Place Ambition.