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Strengthening Corporate Leadership

Meeting: 24/03/2022 - Executive (Item 10)

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Reporting Person – Julie Fisher

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Councillor Azad, Portfolio Holder for Corporate Employer, introduced the report on strengthening corporate leadership.  It was noted that, as part of Council’s Fit for the Future programme, the Authority needed to strengthen its commercial and financial capability to manage the Borough’s investments.  The report recommended a new strengthened leadership team structure to achieve the Council’s objectives, creating three new Strategic Director roles.  The associated processes and timeframe for the changes were set out in the report.

The Shadow Portfolio Holder, Councillor Barker, asked whether the proposals would take into account the recommendations from the Planning Peer Review, where the responsibility for the Thameswey Group of Companies would sit, and whether there was a possibility of confusion in the reporting lines of the Statutory Officers, who would have a reporting line to both the Chief Executive and the Strategic Directors.

Councillor Azad advised that the proposals had taken into account the recommendations of the Planning Peer Review, strengthening Place Shaping.  The governance arrangements for the Thameswey Group were to be reviewed and within the subsequent recommendations would be a proposal for Officer responsibilities.  Finally, in respect of the reporting lines, it was noted that the proposals were similar to structures in place in other Local Authorities and were not expected to lead to any confusion.


That  (i)    the proposed new Corporate Leadership Team structure set out in the report be noted; and

         (ii)   the processes required to put in place a new Corporate Leadership Team, including the staff consultation process, be noted.

Reason:   To strengthen strategic leadership in the Council and develop a stronger commercial and financial focus, organisational capability and skills.