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Investment Programme 2022-23 to 2026-27

Meeting: 23/02/2023 - Council (Item 6)

6 Investment Programme 2022-23 to 2026-27 WBC23-004. pdf icon PDF 143 KB

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The Mayor referred Councillors to the report on the Investment Programme which set out the capital and one-off investments required to deliver the Council’s key strategies and objectives.  The Programme included projects where the funding and consequent revenue implications had been incorporated into the General Fund and Housing Revenue Account budgets for 2023/24.  It was noted that inclusion in the Investment Programme did not necessarily mean a project would proceed, only that the Council would undertake it if resources permitted.

The report outlined the impact of the Covid pandemic on local government finances and that it was clear that the economic model on which the Council’s budget was based had changed. 

The Mayor referred the Members to the recommendations within the report and in accordance with Standing Order 10.8 the recommendations were put to a vote.

The names of Members voting for and against the recommendations were recorded as follows:

In favour:                           Councillors Dr H Akberali, A Azad, T Aziz, A-M Barker, J Brown, G Cosnahan, K Davis, S Dorsett, G Elson, W Forster, P Graves, I Johnson, D Jordan, C Kemp, A Kirby, R Leach, L Lyons, L Morales, J Morley, E Nicholson, S Oades, M I Raja, D Roberts, J Sanderson, T Spencer and M Whitehand.

Total in favour:                  26

Against:                             None.

Total against:                     0

Present not voting:            The Mayor, Councillor S Hussain.

Total present not voting:   1

The recommendations were therefore carried by 26 votes in favour and no votes against.


That (i)    the Investment Programme 2022/23 to 2026/27 be approved subject to reports on projects where appropriate;

          (ii)   the proposed financing arrangements be approved; and

          (iii) the Local Authority Housing Fund (LAHF) grant be accepted and used to acquire 15 properties for Afghan and Ukrainian families.