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Work Programme

Meeting: 26/09/2022 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 11)

11 Work Programme OSC22-038 pdf icon PDF 140 KB

Reporting Person – Councillor Ayesha Azad

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The Chairman introduced the report on the updated Work Programme, noting that there were three suggested additions to the Work Programme.  It was hoped that resources would be allocated to ensure they were brought forward by the end of the Municipal Year. 

Officers were asked whether it would be possible to bring forward the Insulation and Energy Efficiency report, currently scheduled for the meeting on 21 November 2022.  The Committee was informed that the report was dependent on the October energy price cap announcement and therefore could not be brought forward.  It was further asked whether the report could be split to enable the insulation aspect to be brought to the October meeting of the Committee.  The matter would be considered outside of the meeting. 

Members of the Committee discussed the overall content of the Work Programme and, in view of concerns that the Programme lacked variety, the Chairman encouraged Members to submit suggestions for topics for future consideration.   


That the Work Programme be noted.