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Housing Task Group Update OSC21-0XX.

Meeting: 26/09/2022 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 15)

Housing Task Group Update OSC22-047 (Verbal Update)

To receive an update from the Housing Task Group following its meeting on 26 July 2022.


Reporting Person – Councillor Tahir Aziz

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Housing Task Group – 27 July 2022 

Councillor Tahir Aziz, Chairman of the Housing Task Group, provided a verbal update on the meeting of the Housing Task Group that had taken place on 27 July 2022. 

A review of the Selective Licence Scheme introduced into parts of Canalside Ward had been received by the Task Group and its success had been considered.  The purpose of the scheme had been to improve the housing standard in the Private Rented Sector.  Approximately 1000 licenses had been issued in the five years that the scheme had run.  It had been expected that the scheme would generate between £600,000 and £800,000 in revenue for the Council.  However, the scheme had not generated the expected revenue and had cost the Council money to administer.  The scheme was due to end in March 2023 and could not be automatically renewed.  It had been deemed unviable to consider a new scheme and instead a set of Amenity Standards would be adopted to aid enforcement powers in the Private Rented Sector. 

The Chairman requested a written report for future Housing Task Group updates to allow Members of the Committee to consider comments ahead of the meeting. 

Housing Task Group – 22 September 2022 

Louise Strongitharm, Strategic Director of Communities, provided a verbal update on the most recent meeting of the Housing Task Group. 

Updates on two standing items had been received: Housing Services Update; and Affordable Housing Delivery Update. 

Dan Ashe, Senior Planning Policy Officer, had sought input from the Housing Task Group on the Affordable Housing Delivery Supplementary Planning Document that was due to be presented at Executive on 17 November 2022. 

The Task Group had also discussed the Council’s planned response to the Government consultation on introducing a price cap to social rented properties.