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Appointment of Independent Directors to Council Companies

Meeting: 23/03/2023 - Executive (Item 14)

14 Appointment of Independent Directors to Council Companies EXE23-042 pdf icon PDF 93 KB

Reporting Person – Joanne McIntosh

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As part of the continuous programme of work in respect of the governance of the ThamesWey Group Companies, the Executive received a report which sought approval of a recruitment strategy for the appointment of Independent Directors to Council Companies.  The Executive heard that a review of the skills required on the Boards had been undertaken by ThamesWey, and a recruitment strategy had been developed to strengthen the Boards.  It was proposed that the existing Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) stepped down, end dates to be staggered over a two year period commencing April 2023, and would be replaced via a new appointment process.

The Executive noted the significant growth of the activity and scale of the ThamesWey Group and the changes to governance arrangements.  The Executive agreed that it was necessary to properly resource and refresh the Boards following best practice.  It was confirmed that there would be an interview process for the appointment of NEDs.

Councillor Davis raised a number of questions regarding the proposals, including the remuneration of NEDs, agency costs, performance of NEDs and attendance record of NEDs.  Councillor Barker responded to the points raised before moving to the recommendations in the report.


That the report be noted and recruitment strategy be supported.

Reason:   To strengthen the Board of Directors of the ThamesWey Group to ensure that they continue to bring oversight, experience and skills that are advantageous and appropriate to the companies.