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Performance and Financial Monitoring Information

Meeting: 10/07/2023 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 6)

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Please bring to the meeting your copy of the latest Performance and Financial Monitoring Information (Green Book).

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The Committee requested that statistics on number of fulltime staff from previous months be included going forward.

Members raised disappointment at the continued absence of financial information and reiterated the need for it to return.  The Section 151 Officer confirmed that financial reporting was being reviewed and would return.

Both the benefit overpayments collection figure and inspection of food premises figures were noted but their context not fully understood.  Officers agreed to investigate the figures.

It was noted that the percentage of planning appeals overturned by the Planning Inspectorate was significantly higher in May, 56%, against a target of 35%.

The percentage of rising 18-year-olds on the register stood at 11.1% of total rising 18 years olds in the Borough.  Members were concerned at such a low figure and requested if Officers could provide an explanation.

The Committee drew attention to the target for delivery of affordable homes and was concerned as to the impact of the Council’s financial position on meeting the target.

Officers agreed that the presentation of ThamesWey Group information was not clear and requested that a more up to date format be used going forward, in line with information provided at Member briefings. Although reported, the number of apprentices in the ThamesWey Group was zero and Members enquired whether there was an apprenticeship scheme.

The Committee enquired as to the collection of council tax and whether the 99% target was realistic.  Officers considered benchmarking would be beneficial.

Members enquired whether there was scope for more staff to be funded externally, beyond the 34 reported, and how those were funded.  Officers undertook to provide a breakdown to Members and that any opportunities would be built into the organisation redesign.

Members remarked on the increased percentage of the council’s housing stock that did not meet the government’s decent home standard and requested that this be included in the proposed housing revenue account item included in the work programme.


That the Performance and Financial Monitoring Information (April & May 2023) be noted.