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2021/0500 51 Rectory Lane

Meeting: 06/06/2023 - Planning Committee (Item 6)

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The Committee considered an application for the erection of a boundary fence and outbuilding to front (retrospective).


Following a query, the Planning Officer clarified that as the outbuilding was at the front of the development then it was not permitted development, and needed approval.


Following a comment, the Planning Officer agreed that it was unfortunate that it was a corner plot and the location of the principal elevation;  the applicant could move the structure into the rear garden or side garden and it would be considered permitted development. The Planning Officer added that sometimes it could be difficult to define the principal elevation in unusual properties, however in this case it was considered to be the elevation that fronted Rectory Lane. It was clarified that the principal elevation could not be changed.


In accordance with Standing Orders, the Chairman deemed that a division should be taken on the recommendation in the report.  The votes for and against refusal of the application were recorded as follows.


In favour:                           Cllrs T Aziz, G Cosnahan, D Jordan, C Martin, S Mukherjee and T Spenser.


                                          TOTAL:  6


Against:                             Cllr S Oades.


                                          TOTAL:  1


Present but not voting:      Cllrs S Dorsett, S Greentree and L Morales (Chairman).


                                          TOTAL:  3


The application was therefore refused.




That planning permission be REFUSED and enforcement action taken.