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Petition - Brookwood Lye Development

Meeting: 14/12/2023 - Executive (Item 6)

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Reporting Person – Beverley Kuchar

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The Leader of the Council, Councillor Barker, reported that a petition had been submitted in accordance with the Council’s scheme for dealing with petitions, requesting that the Council fully delivery on the long-term vision for Brookwood Lye Road.

The petition contained 215 signatures in the following terms:

“We the undersigned petition the council to fully deliver on the long-term vision for Brookwood Lye Road including the 128 dwellings, 19 pitch Traveller site and road improvements. This vision was widely consulted on and has demonstrable support from local residents. The approved planning application for the Traveller site (PLAN/2017/1307), was agreed at Planning Committee on 23 February 2021. The application for the 128 dwellings (PLAN/2021/0248) submitted by the Council's wholly owned subsidiary Thameswey will deliver 64 dwellings as affordable, which is much needed in Brookwood and the surrounding villages of Knaphill and St. Johns. The A322 Corridor Consultation in July 2017, had the overwhelming support of local residents for the proposed improvements to Brookwood Crossroads.”

The Leader welcomed the Petitioner, Mr Mike Peel, to the meeting.  The Petitioner spoke in support of the petition highlighting the need for affordable homes including a local first policy, improvements to Brookwood Crossroads, and  enforcement of the traveller site.  The Executive was advised that the Planning Committee, at its meeting on 12 December 2023, had received an enforcement item concerning the traveller site.  The Executive was hopeful that progress would be made in the New Year whilst recognising the constraints faced by the Council.  Discussion ensued on road improvements and the process for approaching Surrey County Council, as the Highways Authority, to consider improvements to Brookwood Crossroads.  It was noted that a meeting with residents was being planned in the New Year to provide an update on current progress and to raise awareness.  The Leader confirmed that the Council had agreed a “Local First” policy in 2022 following a Motion from Councillor Davis.

The Executive thanked Mr Peel for presenting the petition.


That the Executive notes the wishes of Brookwood residents on Brookwood Lye Road and are working with the applicant to progress a new planning application that delivers homes on Brookwood Lye.  Road improvements are the responsibility of Surrey County Council and they should be contacted on this.”

Reason:   To agree a response to the petition.