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Performance and Financial Monitoring Information

Meeting: 06/06/2019 - Executive (Item 9)

Performance and Financial Monitoring Information

Please bring to the meeting your copy of the Performance and Financial Monitoring Information (Green Book) March 2019.

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The Executive considered the Performance and Financial Monitoring Information (Green Book) March 2019.  Members discussed delivery against housing targets such as number of affordable homes delivered and net additional homes provided, noting the need for the Council to deliver more homes at a quicker rate whilst balancing the concerns of residents.

Regarding empty properties, Officers reported that Council Tax records showed that there were currently 85 properties in the Borough which had been empty for over two years and it was noted that Officers would work proactively with those properties.  Following a question on the proportion of affordable homes to be provided, the Executive was informed that 80%-85% of the affordable homes would be flats.  It was highlighted that the proportion was well-matched to the Council’s Housing Register, with over 80% of those on the Register requiring one or two bed properties.  Regarding routine repairs, it was reported that discussions had been held with New Vision Homes and an action plan was in place to improve performance.

As reported at the last Executive, it was confirmed that the Council had paid compensation of £145,000 to Freedom Leisure in respect of loss of profit arising from the technical issues suffered and the waterslides being out of action.  On page 37 of the Green Book, it was noted that a long-term loan of £905,000 had been provided to Freedom Leisure in order to enable Freedom Leisure to invest in facilities.  The loan was included in the Council’s Investment Programme.

Members also discussed fly tipping on page 11 of the Green Book.  The Portfolio Holder for Waste and Recycling, Councillor Davis, advised that the Council used prosecutions to prevent fly tipping.


That the Performance and Financial Monitoring Information, March 2019, be received.