Agenda and minutes

Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel
Wednesday, 27th March, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: The Board Room - Civic Offices

Contact: Hanna Taylor, Democratic Services Officer, Ext 3056, Email 

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors A Boote and I Eastwood.


Sheerwater Regeneration Project Update


Peter Bryant, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, provided an update for the Panel on the progress of the hybrid planning application, due to be presented to the Planning Committee on 9 April 2019.  It was noted that the Executive at its next meeting on 28 March 2019 would consider an agreement on the undertakings on sections of the 106 Agreement.


Commencement of Works


It was noted that Peter Bryant and Councillor Bittleston had met separately with the Head Teacher of  Bishop David Brown School and the Trust’s Finance Director.  The proposals for leisure facilities on the School’s site had been received positively by the School which had agreed in principle to provide access for contractors to gain entrance to the site in June pending completion of the formal Legal Agreements.




Peter updated the Members on the progress of acquisitions.  It was highlighted that, of the 120 privately owned properties, the Council and Thameswey had engaged positively with 111 households.  The remaining 9 households were proving difficult to engage with and attempts to contact them would continue.  The Panel noted that it was not known whether the 9 properties were privately owned or secured as investments. 


Peter informed the Panel that 26 properties belonging to Southern Housing had recently been acquired by the Council.  Residents of these properties were understood to be engaging positively with Officers.


Councillor Raja asked whether it was known why the residents of the remaining 9 privately owned properties were not engaging effectively with officers.  The Members were advised that the families were proving difficult to reach and that efforts to engage positively would continue through Ian Lelliott and the Regeneration Team.  Councillor Harlow suggested that it would be helpful for Councillors to engage with the residents with a view to ensuring they obtained the best outcome, providing reassurance and encouraging them to engage in the process.  It was added that families outside of the regeneration area would also benefit from support and community engagement.


Councillor Bittleston informed Members that a funding contribution of £9.8 million had been awarded by the Government towards the costs of the Sheerwater Regeneration Project.  It was noted that, as part of the funding award, an audit of the way in which the funding was used would need to be reported to Government.


Tenant Update


Hazel Craig-Waller updated the Group on progress with Tenant Liaison, advising that a total of 110 households had successfully relocated from Sheerwater.  These families would continue to receive support in their new homes from officers.  Some 40 households were not yet engaging effectively with Officers and 30 households had been identified with complex needs.  Hazel’s Team was working closely with these households to ensure they received all the necessary support to enable them to move, and that the support continued through to their new home.  The Team was working closely with local support networks as part of the work to support the vulnerable families.


The Chairman asked whether a strategy had been developed to engage  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Future Role of the Panel pdf icon PDF 33 KB

Reporting Person: Peter Bryant


The Chairman sought views from Panel Members regarding the future remit of the Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel.  It had been recognised that the Panel had focused primarily on the implementation of the Regeneration Project rather than focusing on the social and environmental aspects of the Sheerwater community. 


Peter explained that, following discussions with the Chairman of the Panel, a proposal had been drawn up for consideration by the Members to review the role of the Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel.  The proposal focused on the social, environmental and economic issues for the residents and businesses of Sheerwater, both inside and outside of the red-line area. 


The oversight of the implementation of the Sheerwater Regeneration Project would continue to be carried out by the Sheerwater Regeneration Project Board and the Sheerwater Regeneration Officer’s Group.  The Leader of the Council would attend these meetings to ensure that there was appropriate liaison between the different meetings.


It was noted that the Council would determine the make-up of the Project Board and Oversight Panel for the new municipal year at its meeting in May 2019.  Noting that the forthcoming elections could lead to changes to the political make-up of the Council, the Chairman suggested that Group Leaders should consider nominating any Canalside Ward Councillors within their Group to sit on the Panel.  Peter would take the suggestion forward to the Selection Panel. 


The Members discussed the relevance of the role of the existing Oversight Panel in comparison to that of the Sheerwater Regeneration Project Board which had specific responsibility for the implementation of Regeneration Scheme. The Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel had no authority in decision making.


Councillor Ali questioned whether there was any benefit from the Oversight Panel continuing to meet.  However, the other Members felt that the Oversight Panel would continue to be of benefit to the Community in Sheerwater and no objections were raised in respect of the proposed new arrangements for the Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel.


Future Work Programme

The following item has been added to the Future Work Programme:


o   An Update on ISSP Recommendations – 9 July 2019


It was noted that the Future Work Programme was Member-led, and the Members were invited to identify items for future consideration.


The Members were reminded to review the new proposed arrangements for the Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel and email any comments to the Chairman for discussion at the next Oversight Panel meeting, to be held on 9 July 2019.




Any Other Business


Councillor Morales questioned why some areas would be charged for permeable paving.  The Chairman advised that the question would be addressed after further investigation.


Councillor Aziz asked whether Sheerwater Football Club’s pitch would be constructed in time for the 2020/21 football season.  No delays were anticipated which would affect the Club’s temporary two year arrangement at Woking Football Club’s ground.


The Chairman and Members took the opportunity to express their gratitude towards Councillor Eastwood and his valuable contributions over the years supporting the work of the Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel.



Dates of Future Meetings

The following dates have been set for future meetings of the Oversight Panel:

o   Tuesday 9 July 2019, 7pm

o   Wednesday 9 October 2019, 7pm

o   Wednesday 15 January 2020, 7pm

o   Tuesday 31 March 2020, 7pm


The following dates had been set for future meetings of the Oversight Panel:

o      7pm, Tuesday, 9 July 2019

o      7pm, Wednesday, 9 October 2019

o      7pm, Wednesday, 15 January 2020

o      7pm, Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Minutes pdf icon PDF 82 KB

To receive the minutes of the last meeting held on 21 November 2018.


The minutes of the meeting of the Oversight Panel held on 21 November 2018 were received.


Matters Arising from the Last Meeting


No matters were raised.


To Discuss any Matters relating to the Sheerwater Regeneration Scheme Deemed Confidential

This item has been added to the agenda to enable the Members to discuss any matters relating to the Sheerwater Regeneration Scheme in confidence.  The item is in line with the Protocol for Meeting Management and Publication of Information adopted by the Oversight Panel in September 2017.