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Information about Woking Joint Committee

Woking Joint Committee

Woking Joint Committee is a committee between Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council, established on 1 June 2014.

The Committee is responsible for a number of areas previously considered under the former Surrey County Council Local Committee, as well as a number of new areas previously under the remit of Woking Borough Council. Local Borough and County councillors meet to discuss and decide jointly many of the issues that matter to you and the people who live, work or study in Woking.

What does Woking Joint Committee do?

Woking Joint Committee can make decisions about:

  • activities for young people
  • how certain funding will be spent
  • roads and road maintenance including road safety, speed limits and parking restrictions
  • library opening hours
  • public rights of way in Woking, including footpaths and bridle paths
  • local concerns about Council services under the remit of the Committee

It also monitors how well public services like social care are benefitting local people and has a special role in making sure that local schools are performing well or taking the necessary steps to improve.

The committee also looks at Borough and County partnership initiatives as well as investigating joint approaches to services locally and acts as the Woking Community Safety Partnership and the local Health and Wellbeing Board.

Local Councillors try to put the community's interests at the heart of every decision they make. They value the opinions of local people. The more Councillors listen to residents, the more confident we can be that issues have been considered from various angles and that the wider community is likely to benefit as a result. That is why we actively encourage local people to interact with Councillors and their local committee to make sure that their voices and opinions are heard.

How can you take part?

At the Committee's meetings you can raise issues, ask questions or petition your Councillors about changes you would like them to make in your neighbourhood.

When does it meet?

Woking Joint Committee generally meets once every three months. This can vary but is usually around March, June, September and December.

View details of the date, time, venue and the topics under discussion at the Joint Committee meeting.

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