Agenda item

Capital, Investment and Treasury Management Strategies EXE19-005

Reporting Person – Leigh Clarke


The Executive received a report which set out the Council’s Treasury Management Strategy for 2019-20 and recommended to Council that the Treasury Management Prudential Indicators and Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP) Strategy be adopted.  It was noted that under new requirements for 2019-20 the Council was required to also approve a Capital Strategy and Investment Strategy.  Councillor Azad, Portfolio Holder for Corporate Financial Planning and Policy, explained that the new strategies provided detail on how and why the Council undertook investment decisions and provided a more comprehensive and transparent picture of the Council’s position and the link with the Council’s overall corporate plans and objectives.

The Executive noted that the Council had a principle of investing for better outcomes for Woking citizens and that investment decisions were not solely taken based on rates of return.  It was further noted that acquisitions had a strategic purpose with a direct link to Council objectives or services.

Following a question regarding reference to the YPod in the Capital Strategy Report 2019-20, Officers advised that it concerned a change of use within the building and was not a redevelopment of the site.


That  (i)    the Treasury Management Strategy set out in the report be approved; and


That  (ii)   the Capital and Investment Strategies for 2019/20 be approved;

          (iii)  from 2018/19 the funding of Thameswey Housing Ltd to be amended from the existing combination of loan and shares with an equivalent margin of 1.5% to loan only at 1.5% margin over the Council’s borrowing costs; and

          (iv)  the Treasury Management Prudential Indicators set out in table 1 of Section 4 of the Treasury Management Strategy and the MRP policy set out in Appendix A be approved, subject to any changes arising from consideration of the Investment Programme, revenue budgets and Revenue Support Grant Settlement.

Reason:   To determine the Council’s Treasury Management Strategy for 2019/20 and to recommend to Council the Capital and Investment Strategies, Treasury Management Prudential Indicators and MRP Strategy to be adopted.

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