Agenda item

Joint Waste Management Performance Review

Reporting Person: Richard Bisset, Joint Waste Solutions


The Chairman introduced Richard Bisset, Head of Operations, Matt Smyth, Managing Director, and Sarah Beck, Operations Manager, from Joint Waste Solutions (JWS).  Together, JWS provided a presentation that detailed their role within the County, an update on performance figures and their priorities for the future. 


Members raised concern over the increase in complaints during the winter period, which were a result of high levels of sickness of staff and vehicle breakdowns.  In order to avoid the situation being repeated, JWS have now increased the levels of staffing (and training) and scheduled more regular vehicle MOTs and services to hopefully prevent further maintenance issues.  One complaint had been raised by Cllr Chrystie regarding aggression from a member of staff which would be dealt with in liaison with the contractor – Amey.  Further concerns were raised about the frozen bins and missed collections during the winter season and that residents had reported the bin store was too small to hold individual bins for some flats.


It was reported that the Amey Improvement Plan was reviewed annually and noted a 10% increase in staffing levels during peak seasons, the development of the online feedback form to make it more user friendly and employing members of staff specifically allocated to garden waste and its contract work.


Following a question raised, it was confirmed that contaminated loads were rejected based upon the smell and visual inspection, with the aim to keep the number of rejected loads as low as possible.  JWS had been working with Amey to educate residents on recyclable materials.   Members then questioned whether certain materials could be recycled, it was confirmed that there was no facilities to enable the recycling of nappies yet however aerosols and tetra pack recycling was being investigated.  It was noted that clinical/hazardous waste was treated very differently and was always incinerated.


The suggestion of organising a bulky item collection service was discussed, to assist with the prevention of fly-tipping, however it had previously been looked in to.  Issues were surrounding the unknown amount of waste that may be presented, and the lack of resources at present. 


The Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, was in attendance and informed the committee of an App that advises residents on which bin an item should go in to if ever unsure.  The committee requested further information on materials that can be recycled and it was suggested to hold a member training session on the topic which can then be fed back to residents.   JWS then gave their clear priorities for the future, including improving their KPI performance within Woking and the County.


Following a discussion about the statistics reported in the Green Book, the Portfolio Holder agreed to review the performance indicators to ensure they were a true reflection of the service and provided members with all the appropriate information.


It was requested that JWS and Amey would return to the Committee to review the  performance early in the next municipal year, and this is to be added to the work programme.


The Chairman thanked JWS representatives for the presentation and the information provided.