Committee details

Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel

Purpose of committee

·                The remit of the Oversight Panel was expanded to ensure the social, environmental and economic issues for the residents and businesses in Sheerwater, both inside and outside the Red Line, so as to build upon its earlier status as a Prime Place.

·                The Panel to be known as the Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel (“Panel”).

·                The Portfolio Holder for the Sheerwater Regeneration Project shall not be appointed a member of the Panel.

·                Group Leaders who are not members of the Panel may attend Panel meetings as observers.  The Chairman of the Panel shall have the discretion to allow such persons to speak at meetings of the Panel.

·                The Panel will act as an advisory and oversight panel of the Council.  It will have no decision-making powers.  Any disputed issues or differences of opinion which need a Member level decision shall be referred to the Executive for determination.

·                The Panel will be advised by the Sheerwater Regeneration Project Team (led by Councillor Bittleston (Project Leader) and Strategic Director Mark Rolt (Project Director)), together with such other support as they deem necessary.  The Sheerwater Regeneration Project Team shall be responsible for making day-to-day Project decisions which will, where appropriate, be reported to Council in due course.  Only disputed issues or differences of opinion considered and determined by the Executive will be capable of overriding decisions of the Project Team.

·                The Panel will be serviced by Member Services.

·                The Panel will have scheduled meetings which will be held in private.

·                The Panel will have Agendas for, and Minutes of, its meetings.  These will be made available to all Members of the Council on a confidential basis.  Draft Minutes will be issued within five working days of a meeting of the Panel, which will be approved, or amended and approved, at the next meeting of the Panel.



Contact information

Support officer: Hanna Taylor, Democratic Services Officer, Ext 3056, Email

Postal address:
Civic Offices
Gloucester Square
GU21 6YL

Phone: 01483 743056