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Mr Alan George

We the undersigned petition the council to Want the council to over hall the SADPD as since the Pandemic it is not fit for purpose. We also want it known that we wholly object!! to the building of 555 houses and 15 travellers pitches until a thorough investigation has been done of the infrastructure!!!!!!

The people of Byfleet village, West Byfleet & Pyrford Do not want this to go ahead as the infrastructure ie Parvis road will not be able to handle the extra volume of traffic that this will cause, let alone the extra toll on the other utilities, school places, and surgery places. The council needs to find another part of the borough rather than trying to build in the Byfleet's as it is destroying what little greenbelt we have left!!!

This ePetition ran from 30/08/2021 to 02/09/2022 and has now finished.

714 people signed this ePetition.